Silence the Storm

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This exhibition of art works is a continuation of what we we started at Central World , “One Voice”, last November 23, 2013. We have done so much but everything for now has not been enough to compete with what Haiyan has done in the central part of the Philippines. Friends and everyone else that have known about what happened there are trying their best, in many ways, to raise funds in order to help directly the victims of Haiyan. Tessa Dekker and Christy Innouvong are the key people right here as they are also Arpha’s colleagues at the  Little Dragons International School.

Proceeds of the event will be given to in order for us to use the money for a long term program in which it will serve Tacloban and its neighboring islands for a long period of time. Sustainable livelihood is what they need right now in order for people to get back on their feet and rebuild confidence in life.


Tessa already curated for the “One Voice” fundraising event at Central World  and yet to her, it has not been enough. She gathered artists and their art works from different parts of the world in order for her to auction their works and donate the proceeds to any association that will bring the money’s worth of goods directly to the victims in Tacloban.

She comes from a town Venhuizen in Netherlands and yet she traveled so far to teach young kids in Thailand at the Little Dragons International School. Her love for art, as a photographer, brought us all into one exhibition in December 22, 2013 at the New Song meeting place.


Christy is connected with the New Song ministries and she gave Tessa the venue for her collected art works. She is also connected to another charity center where she serves children and women, providing them with their physical and mental needs. Her passion to help people led us all together to one roof in this charity event.  Christy comes from Shoreline, Washington.


Soichiro Shimizu
Vicente Pérez
Lizelle Engelbrecht
Melanie Gritzka del Villar
David Terrazas Morales
Maya Thompson
Terrence Ho
Erica Nelson
Khun Pramote
Ali Bernie Buga-ay
Tessa Dekker

All of these artist brought their works to be sold at the Lit Coffee and Gallery, 20 / 8, Sukhumvit 39. The exhibition will open at four in the afternoon. There will be Filipino food, wine, music, singers, artists, people, and especially hear stories about Haiyan survivors and all.


This art exhibition will be held at the New Song meeting center that is ministered by Daniel Ross who is also the founder of  Get Lit Coffee. is not just selling coffee but it is also a charity fundraiser in which 25% of their profits go to projects that change lives of the unfortunate and those who had been beaten by natural disasters.








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