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This Karana First Aid Kit Compact was a joy to carry. We can never be too sure of what will happen when we went to Tacloban last November 26 to December 1, 2013. We thank Outdoor Innovation for letting us use a high quality kit that carried our medical and emergency supplies in a small waterproof bag.


We can never know what will happen to an adventure we had. We just have had to carry our First Aid Kit all the time and wait what happens. We were going through difficult times that the first usage of the First Aid Kit was when Glenn had to use some Paracetamol and for Mo herself as she had fever the day before.

During the last day of our Mission Haiyan, it was already very dark at 8:00 pm, we were at a stop giving food and household supplies such as soap, kettle, shampoos, matches, rice, and all. When the crowd dispersed, we heard people shouting and running towards us from the dark and we were wondering what now. A man was assisting a teenage boy, he was holding the boy’s forearm up with both hands. I suspected right away that he must have had his arm broken. It was very dark, they were running away from us, bringing their goods back home. The boy must have stumbled or tripped over a root or a rock while running towards a very dark road. He came crying, we pulled some bandages from our kits and I asked for splints. There were no splint to find. I shouted at the crowd to bring me a piece of bamboo stick. Somebody came back with it and it was perfect for function I was thinking. I broke the bamboo stick into two. It was wide enough to support and the length was perfect as well.

Glenn assisted me, Elcid was taking photos, Mo and Ha fished up by making a simple sling. We lifted the shirt of the boy from under his arm while we were positioning his arm in front of him horizontally. I asked Ha to make a sling using the shirt as a support. She had the bandage go around the boy’s neck and wrapped it around the fore arm where the splints were already in place. She did t a couple of times and the boy had a perfect First Aid right away.

We told the boy that the broken bone must be painful as he was already experiencing it. He cried, we told the parents to bring him right away to the hospital since what we gave the boy was just temporary. We can never know when to use a good First Aid Kit.



Size 19 x 11 x 10 cm
Material Pose Lean

A waterproof bag with clear drug. Divided by a channel containing first aid supplies as a proportion. Can not carry or sling Moving speed can be anywhere, be it at any moment.


Recommended For

Total outdoors men
Fishing activities
Outdoor Activities
Rock Climbing Trips
Mountain Climbing
Daily Use


Product Price


Product is available 


How to Receive the Product

You can send a letter or drop us a note, we can get the item for you. Details on payment and so on will be handled by the main company. We only review good adventure products so people can know which is which. Outdoor Innovation will send the product to your doorstep as ordered.








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