Dennis Alcain

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I found Dennis in San Jose National School with other students. The boy is thin, he had so much to tell about what happened to him. Adventchores had to find somebody who had been badly affected by the typhoon Haiyan. I interviewed Dennis along with five other students to qualify for a scholarship as he was suggested to me by the school principal. I am so happy to have found him.

Dennis Tells His Haiyan Story

When the typhoon came many people died of an unexpected storm-surge that one ever knew about. Storm-surge was a new word related to the coming storm, nobody understood how it would strike and how devastating the effects are when it lands in Tacloban.

The water was fisteen feet higher than many houses. Infrastructure, buildings were washed out. Thousands of people who were injured and I saw a little girl that her left fingers were wounded. There was a guy who was brave enough to help others to survive from the so called typhoon . That guy was a Philippine Navy officer.

A lot of people called for some help! They were thirsty and starving. In the second day many people were crying, suffering, because my cousin died.  After a long time looking for my cousin, I decided to go to our house which was also washed out from where it stood and I found my father and my younger brother crying because his feet were injured. Also, they can’t find our mother and my two younger sister, they were missing. I cried many times knowing that my mother and younger sister died and I don’t know how to move from this tragic experience.

I was so disturbed and my father tried to calm me down and I wished this never happened  to me. I could possibly accept that God allowed this to happen. After two two weeks, I really tried  and try to move on, I can’t lose hope because I have some supportive family that can help me to move on.

My father cried because he miss all things that my mother did together and the sacrifices, the way she smiles and laughs and the time she spent with us.

After several weeks, some people said that my mother was found on a tree. We hoped that my mother is alive together with my sister, but when we found them they were both dead.

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