Nepal Earthquake: Back to School

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Adventchores has been around since 2002. We have done charity works that benefited people in Thailand and the Philippines for the past years. Adventchores is also now committed to respond to calamities and natural disasters in the Southeast Asia and to the rest of the Asian countries that are not able to stand on their own during major disasters. Our approach is straightforward and we cut the chase of bureaucracy so that we get on to what we need to do for the disaster victims. We are small, but we study the situation carefully and decide on a specific project that even how small our group and resources; we shall be 100% effective. We design our effort according to the resources available and we look into life realities before we dream big in helping others.

Our aim is to personally bring whatever relief we are able to gather in kind and monetary value to the affected areas to make sure that we have helped and relieved a specific community for maximum performance and results.

Nepal April 25, 2015

When Nepal was hit by an earthquake that is devastating 7.8 magnitude, some 2.8 millions of people were displaced and left living in the open and desperately need shelter, food and potable water. There’s no other thing to do but to also respond and help in whatever way we can. As much as we want to go right away, it is impossible to do so logistically. With only one operational airport it needs to give priority to aircrafts that are bringing the basic necessities needed by the people of Nepal right away. The plan is for us to go there in June and supervise the delivery of all the educational aid that we can bring.

Our goal is to help bring back education to students in the rural area of Dhading, specifically the village of Jogimara and Salang 100 km from Kathmandu, through Prithivi Highway and about 7 hours treacherous trek away from the Highway. This is where the Chepang Hill Tribe is located. There were 400 hundred students affected and their school has been destroyed; since food and shelter for the Chepang Hill Tribe are the top priority, school has had to stop for a while.

We are supporting the effort of the AHRDNepal (Adventist Help for Rural Development in Nepal), they have had already a literacy program going on from grades level 1-10 until the earthquake shattered that. With 7 government paid teachers and some volunteers’ Adventchores has chosen to support their program so that students can go back to school.

Almost half of the population of Nepal is uneducated and this population that has not been to school are people who are living at the remotest areas and access to education is impossible.

When the dust has finally settled children have to go back to school studying and learning according to their grade levels. In order for them to do that, we would like to help provide their basic needs in education. Our target is to sponsor just one school; help them with the repairs, give them educational kits to begin with again (both for the teachers and the students), resource books, give them solar panels and kerosene lanterns so they can have a source of light at night.

We already have two of the biggest stationery companies in Thailand – Sakura and DG Arts providing us with the school supplies that we will be distributing. However we need to raise funds for the school repairs, resource books solar panels, slippers, and kerosene lanterns. We need generous donors to donate so we can buy all these.

Our Project in Nepal

There are people that are going to help us facilitate our project; Ganesh Aryal and Mahesh Aryal are brothers who have had been volunteer teachers to the Chepangs for several years now. They also run a trekking and touring business,, in which gives us more assurance that we are going to be taken to the area and that the program be continued when we have given what they needed.

Our Educational Relief Effort will not only to supply learning materials for the classroom but we will be there to facilitate and teach students how to paint, play music, engage in Futsal as a sport, and also learn the English language as a means to communicate to people that are coming to help and support. We will be spending five solid school days to make them learn and catch on with the lessons that we are teaching them so that what we have taken to them will be useful when we have left and also be passed on to the younger students by those who learned well. We will be daily visiting communities as well so that we get to mingle and speak to the Chepang people; in this way we fully emerge into the culture and understand what they experienced during the earthquake and empathize with there needs.

Project Details

Project Code: Educational Relief Effort in Jogimara, Nepal
Project Head: Ali Bernie Buga-ay
Project  Assistant: Glenn Steward Buga-ay
Project Partners: Raseak Rattanthanakul, Rattaphan Phatcharapong
Student Population: 600 from grades 1-10
Location: Jogimara and Salang, Dhading, 100 km from Kathmandu, through
Prithivi Highway and about 7 hours Trek to where the Chepang
Hill Tribe is.
Contacts: Mahesh and Ganesh Aryal
Teachers: 7 government paid and some volunteers
Date of the Activity: June 26 to July 11, 2015

Needs to Fund in Jogimara

  1. Notebooks for 400 students good for one school year.
  2. Ball pens, erasers, and pencils, for 400 students good for one school year.
  3. White boards and white board markers for teachers to use in the classroom.
  4. Slippers, 400 pairs) assorted sizes for students to use going to school.
  5. Living Essentials: Kettles, spoons and forks, kitchen knives, liquid dish washing soap, bath soap, detergent, towels.
  6. 50 Led Solar Cells: for people to use for extra lighting and charging electronic gadgets at school.
  7. Musical Instrument for music education. We are teaching the Recorder which is a wind instrument.
  8. Art materials for the students to learn how to paint and draw.
  9. Futsal Balls and accessories.

Partners into this Project

AHRD Nepal (Adventist Help for Rural Development in Nepal)

Khun Malinee and Khun Linda of Dg-Arts and Crafts for the art materials, Khun Kanya and Kun Apicha of Sakura Thailand, Harrow International School through my brother Glenn Steward Buga-ay for having a jazz concert for Nepal and who is a member of after school program. Tank Store for giving us discounts for the outdoor equipment that we are bringing to Nepal. Mountain Hippo through my good friend Khun Phippat who has given us survival tools for the journey.

We are grateful to have found new partners in this project in Jogimara, Dadhing, in Nepal. The Bangkok Charity Orchestra, which is conducted by Khun Chulayuth Lochotinan, has had collaborative works from the past during the wake of Haiyan in Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines; in which almost 10,000 people died from winds of 360 kph and storm surge of 15 to 20 feet high. Bernie and Glenn are also members of BCO performing the flute and the trumpet, respectively, in different charity concerts in the past.

Another unexpected partner is working with us and we are so delighted to have them come along with us to the Jogimara; Liferevo founded by Khun Raseak Rattanthanakul or Richard Joe, will be coming with us to Jogimara. Richard and his friend, Khun Rattaphan Phatcharapong, will be coming along to support us in this project.

There are more people who actually supported us of whom may remain anonymous as they want it to be, we appreciate you so much for helping us push this project forward. We thank you for the unconditional support that you have committed to us.

Our organization is small, but yet we respond to world disasters in which a particular country does not have the means to support and survive on its own. We focus on specific areas and needs in order to make a greater impact to a specific community making it sure that the relief effort made if effective and long term.

We implore for your generosity so that we could altogether help Nepal’s children rebuild their lives and send them back to school. The first and the second earthquake in April and May, consecutively; killed thousands and morale damaging to the survival of the people of Nepal. Let us help them through focusing our resources to this specific school so that we could maximize the effects and recipients of our donations.

Being able to contact with Ganesh Aryal, one of the volunteer teachers to the Chepangs, he said that they are punished by heavy rain now, tremors, and the possibilities of landslides.

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