About Adventchores


Adventchores is about various passions to outdoors, photography and writing.  These three proves to be a delightful combination in having fun with friends and family.  Going for an adventure gives one opportunities to not only take beautiful pictures but to immortalize them in writing. Adventchores involves experiences that will give you the heart for adventures.

It’s our passion, it’s our life, and it’s what we want to do. To unite travelers of all kinds with adventures of their dreams, with choices from different activities which includes; cultural tours hiking and biking trips, rock/wall/mountain climbing, bird watching and so much more. We are able to assist you with your choice of fun, travel and adventure, by providing you with travel tour guides, activities for groups, families and friends. There are also some programs here for people to know if a certain trip or destination is suitable for them.

We also like to travel and share tourist and adventure destinations through our photographs provided by professional photographers.  These scenic photographs will certainly inspire you to pack your bags and take that trip you have been dreaming of. Join our Adventchores!


We have been around since the year 2002 and we never had a website before to showcase what we were doing. We were engaged to different community service activities;  mainly, traveling to places and giving health clinics and lectures in the Philippines. The original group was sponsored by Edwin and Ruth Fabruada from Chicago and they have come back home from USA to facilitate and see the needs of their fellow Filipinos who are in great need of spiritual and physical help.  Jimalalud was their town of interest in  Negros Oriental, Philippines. The group was composed of nurses, doctors, businessmen willing came to return to the community of what has been blessed of them.

Adventchores is another coined word for “adventure.” Seeking or engaging to an adventure is really a chore, we thought that putting the two words together, advent and chores, would be a great idea for what we do for fun.

In 2009, we acquired a template for our website and we featured community service activities in Thailand and travels of different outdoor activities. Now, we share to you the real joy of being in the outdoors, the fun and experiences and challenges of being exposed to mother nature.

One can truly be himself when he faces his own demons in a real life situation! 


To bring hope to friends and family that there is so much fun to make outdoors and the community that we are a part of. We want to bring joy and interest to nature and community service to every friend that we encounter along our lives regardless of race and religion or beliefs.


To see friends and family enjoy that best of life through adventures to the outdoors and within the local or world community as true members of the society.


Life is a bore without adventure; when there is none, make one.

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