I grew up listening to different fish tales in the Philippines. Our country is an archipelago of more than seven thousand islands and therefore fishing is a way of life. Both of my parents sides were engaged in fishing in anyways. I have seen and been in these activities as a child and yet in the Philippines, fishing is done in a traditional manner.

Bamboo twigs coupled with no. 10 to no. 16 lines and hooks of different sizes according to the kind of fishes one wishes to catch. Sinkers are also used in different ways and to enjoy fishing was only this way. We never had those expensive rod and reels together with crazy lures. Everything was traditional.


Today, I regularly go out for fishing with my family and it is always looked forward into. We invites friends to come along with us, we always share the beauty of adventure and fun with others. Fishing is family activity with friends.

In fishing, we always get reminded of how we take care of nature. We respect and conserve the best for the future generation. This activity is also mind refreshing and most of all a physical activity that will benefit the body.
We are always excited to go fishing and we plan everything in order for us to enjoy the trip. We buy adventure equipment that will allow us to be efficient in catching the right fish.


As we go out to nature and get exposed to it, we experience a different level of relaxation. It is more uplifting and sometimes spiritual as one is amongst the natural environment. Away from the lights of the city and the noise of the vehicles, one can reflect and test his physical capability and the prowess of surviving the wild.

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