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  • Phi Phi Island: Krabe

    May 11, 13 • 1282 Views • Beaches & IslandsNo Comments

    Let me tell you how I managed to reach Rantee Cliff, Phi Phi Island in my own experience of adventure so that you will be able to understand how to get here with all the excitement and fun on the road. To start with I am Ali Bernie Buga-ay the website

  • Koh Si Chang

    Nov 1, 12 • 1663 Views • Beaches & IslandsNo Comments

    Beaches have always been regarded as one of the best places in the world. A lot of people spend so much just to be able to have some time to relax in a beautiful beach somewhere. Most tourists and even locals in Thailand almost always go for the most popular

  • Koh Chang Adventure

    Nov 1, 12 • 3284 Views • Beaches & Islands, Fishing Trips, Special StoriesNo Comments

      Koh Chang has been one of the places we wanted to explore. We’ve heard so much about the beauty of the island from our friends and everything they said were all true.  We packed all our things in our trusty pick- up truck and started our road trip