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  • We Would Like To Thank You

    Nov 12, 11 • 1958 Views • World Disaster RespondersNo Comments

    There are a lot of friends here and Thailand and from different countries who shared their little to others we would like to thank them. We are sorry we can not produce your images in our website. we will be posting your names soon. Thank you so much! Pastor

  • You Request: We Respond

    Nov 12, 11 • 1865 Views • Featured Civic Stories3 Comments

    This is the request of Agatha after they suffered from a great deluge in Ayutthaya. There was nothing left for them to come back, everything was ruined and they had to leave immediately when the there was still time. Water was rising so fast and they will be

  • Baby Aysz is Safe

    Oct 29, 11 • 1149 Views • Rescue and EmergencyNo Comments

    We had to bring baby Aysz to Saraburi, last night and she was very cooperative in the truck. We now enjoy her company at home together with her parents Ian and Angie. Getting her strapped on her seat was a chore, Apple had to find a way to get her steady and

  • Enter Bangkok: The Flood Zone

    Oct 29, 11 • 1546 Views • Featured Civic StoriesNo Comments

    Rescuing Angie my dear friend and her baby Aysz, is not easy as it was. I have to get ready for it. I already entered Bangkok and some flood zones unprepared and yet I was lucky to have survived the road dilemma, with my daughter Andreia as my navigator.


    Sep 30, 11 • 2285 Views • Featured Civic StoriesNo Comments

    Most students wonder how their actions can make a difference in the world. They are, after all, just students with young minds. But whoever said that you need to be an adult to bring about a change?  A 18 year old can do just fine. Let me introduce to you