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  • Koh Larn: Pattaya

    Sep 17, 13 • 2564 Views • Saltwater FishingNo Comments

    Koh Larn is a small island for beach goers forty five minutes of boat ride from the city of Pattaya. Koh larn has been know for fishing island community back in the days. It has also a secret, beautiful beaches. Since the influx of foreigners from different

  • Koh Chang: Mueang Trat

    Sep 17, 13 • 1482 Views • Saltwater FishingNo Comments

    Koh Chang is a lovely place to go for a vacation and the fishing on this island is just simply amazing since this island is located away from the big cities of Thailand like Bangkok and Phatthaya. Located Southeast of Thailand, the last frontier before

  • Kho Sichang: Siracha

    May 23, 13 • 2648 Views • Saltwater FishingNo Comments

    Koh Sichang is an easy get away island from the buzz of the city life in Bangkok. A maximum two hours drive, the island offers a lot to each one who wants to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, site seeing, quiet time, and especially fishing. SICHANG The island is